This was such a lovely family session right here Franklin, TN. Harlinsdale Farm has just the absolute best back drops and most amazing golden hour light. You can even follow the trail to the canoe entrance for access to the Harpeth River bank. Seriously, you cannot beat the backdrops here!

The gorgeous Bleecker family worked closely with me to style their outfits and we ultimately pulled their pieces together with the help of Style and Select (a free service I provide to all my clients). Mom's beautiful floral dress is available to borrow from my own client wardrobe. Let me do all the planning for your session so you can focus on what's most important...making memories with your family!

Family of 5 smiles as they pose in a field at sunset
Family of 5 plays with baby sister in a field at sunset
Children dance around their parents standing in a field
Three siblings hold hands in a field with sun flare around them
Baby sister smiles as older siblings smile down at her
Toddler holds up wildflowers as she smiles up at her mom
Siblings play in a field at sunset
Mother kneels down to take flowers from toddler
Family of 5 pose in a field with toddler on dad's shoulders
Mom snuggles with toddler girl in a field at sunset
Mother snuggles with her two toddler children in a field
Son kisses mother as she kneels down and also holds toddler
Mother holds her son tight in a field at sunset
Toddler girl walks ahead of her family in a field at sunset
Father snuggles with his two daughters in a golden field
Father holds son on shoulders and flexes their muscles
Father holds son as he leans back and sticks out his tongue
Toddler looks up as her mother ties a bonnet on her head
Blonde curls underneath a Briar Baby Bonnet
Mother pulls baby in close as she smiles
Baby girl in a white Briar Baby Bonnet sits on a blanket in a field at sunset
Big brother sneaks a hug behind his baby sister sitting on a blanket
Family of 5 walks holding hands in a field at sunset
Couple hugs in a field with golden sun flare behind them