What to Wear for Fall Family Photos?

I know, I know....it's only July and it's way too hot here in Franklin, TN to be thinking about sweaters, pumpkin spice, and Fall family photos. Except...it actually is the time to start planning your Fall session with me. My calendar is already starting to book and the sooner we get you on it, the better. I really hate saying no to people, especially past clients that I love...but the reality is I have three kiddos at three different schools this year and a husband with a very demanding job. This means I have to put a cap on the number of sessions I can book each week, simply because I can't be in multiple places at once. If you figure out the secret to that, please, please fill me in!

One of my favorite parts of a photo session is helping you plan your outfits. I've put together a few inspiration boards to hopefully help make planning less stressful for you!

It’s probably no surprise that I’m a lover of neutrals…give me all the whites and grays and pastels. Even in the Fall season, I encourage clients to consider more neutral pieces over dark or loud colors as they photograph so much more beautifully with the film tones I used in editing. I know it's tempting to feel like you need to "match" the foliage with yellows, reds, and other jewel tones. But, I say let your layers and textures and the colors in nature be the evidence that your photos took place in the Fall, rather than the colors in your clothing. 

With that said…you can still bring in color! It doesn’t have to be all white or gray. Earthy and muted tones are some of my most favorites to wear in the Fall. Taupe, sage, and ivory for example…just stunning all pieced together!

All links to clothes can be found below each board. Enjoy!

Women's Dress | Heeled Clogs

Girl's Dress | Tights | Bonnet

Baby's Knit Pants | Hooded Sweater

Suspender Skirt | Sweater from KLP Client Wardrobe (past season of Jamie Kay)

Girl's Shoes

Men's Sweater | Plaid Gingham Shirt | Khakis