This session ... just ... I .... I ... I barely have words for how much I love these images. This was a session gifted to this momma by her own momma, making it all the more special. We used her mother's home in Brentwood, TN and it was absolute perfection with big windows inside, an amazing flower garden outside, and a white porch worthy of Southern Home and Gardens magazine.

Gown provided by KLP's Client Wardrobe

Mother cuddles her baby in a lounge chair in front of large window with her feet across the chair arm
Mother kisses her baby's head
Mother kisses her baby's cheek, baby wears all white with a bonnet on
Baby boy with a bonnet yawns in his mothers arms
Mother plays with baby's fingers as she holds him
Baby in a bonnet sits in a basket for his 3 month photo session
Mother stands on a white porch holding her baby boy
Mother holds her baby in the air on a white porch in Franklin, TN
Lazy eyed susans and other flowers sway in front of a mother rocking her baby
Baby in a bonnet holds his mothers hands as he lays in her lap on the porch