Isn't it amazing how quickly a full year can pass? I absolutely loved capturing Rose's first year and am so excited to show you some of my favorite images from each of her sessions.

Her parent's chose the Newborn, 4, 8, and 12 month milestone sessions for their membership. It's one of my favorite ways to structure milestones for these sessions. The newborn session of course captures the newness and sweet details of your brand new baby. The four month shows off their new skills like smiling, pushing up when on their tummy, grabbing at their feet and holding objects. The 8 month session is probably my favorite - they can usually sit up, crawl, roll over, often they can stand while holding onto an object, and they're generally just more content and smiley while awake! And of course at 1 Year some are walking, if not definitely standing with assistance, and some love to end this first year of photos with a smash cake or a simple balloon.

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Newborn Session

Young mother with short blonde hair hugs her newborn baby as she rocks in the nursery
New big sister kisses her newborn baby as her mother holds her in the nursery rocking chair
Newborn baby with a white bow sleeps on the master bed
Bright white nursery with brass crib - mother rocks her new baby in the corner
Mother in a white dress rocks her baby in the nursery by a bright window

Four Month Session

Blue eyed baby girl with a pink bow laying on a patchwork quilt smiles up
Blue eyed baby girl wearing a pink bow lays on her belly and pushes up on a patchwork quilt
Blonde mother holds baby girl in the air with golden sunlight and fall foliage behind them
Black and white image of a mother kissing her baby as she holds her in the air

Eight Month Session

Baby smiles at camera in her bright white nursery as her mother holds her and kisses her cheek
Baby girl sits in her brass crib smiling
Mother holds 8 month old baby in the air in front of a bright window in the nursery
Mother and daughter rock in the nursery near a window
Mother holds infant girl - green eucalyptus plant and circle mirror behind them

One Year Session

Baby girl raises her arms excitedly as she sits on a blanket next to a smash cake for her one year photo session
Baby girl wearing a white bow sits on an ivory crochet blanket with white wildflowers behind her
Baby girl stands as she holds onto a white rocking horse outside on a walking trail
Little girl kisses her baby sister as she sits in her moms lap and dad smiles beside them
Mother kneels down and holds her baby as her sister hugs her from the side
Mother holds her one year old daughter, focus on her arms around baby's waist.
Young family smiles at baby who smiles at the camera
Baby girl crawling off a blanket as she looks behind her