It could probably go without saying, but this family is so eager to meet their sweet baby Wells. I already can't wait to do his newborn photos and capture all the sweet details - the details that will tell story of Vera becoming a new big sister....of the family expanding from 3 to 4....of dad welcoming his first son...of mom's heart exponentially growing and overflowing. So many beautiful stories unfolding all at once. Meet you soon, baby Wells <3

Pregnant mother smiles up at her daughter who is sitting on dad's shoulders with golden sunlight behind them.
Husband kisses pregnant wife on the cheek as their toddler sits on his shoulders
Pregnant woman smiles down at her stomach as golden light streams through her hair
Maternity image of a young woman with a pond and golden sunset behind her
Pregnant woman cradles her baby with her eyes closed at sunset
Little girl hugs her mother's pregnant stomach with golden hour light behind them
Little girl kisses her pregnant mother's stomach
Little girl lays her head on her mother's pregnant stomach and mother's head in her husbands lap
Little girl kisses dad on his cheek, his wife lays her head in his lap
Man holds his wife's pregnant stomach and kisses her on the cheek at sunset
Mother and young daughter hug as little girl rests her hand on mother's cheek
Little girl smiles up as she hugs her mother and rests her head on her shoulder
Little girl twirls as her dress flies around her at sunset
Father twirls little girl at sunset as the mother watches adoringly
Little girl kisses pregnant mother on the cheek as father watches them adoringly