Perhaps the most enjoyable and memorable family photo session we have ever experienced. We met the renowned Alexandria Smith of Daphne Mae Photography at Crossing Creek Farm in Shelbyville, TN as she and her family traveled across the country in their RV. They were delayed a bit thanks to traffic in Birmingham (always), so they were literally rolling up to the farm after traveling all day and she hopped out ready to go. I was so thrilled when she pulled out her Contax film camera and from the second she began shooting, I absolutely couldn't wait to see all the magic she created with it. My kids were in such a great mental space as we began....thanks to Alex's short delay, my kids had a great time playing with chickens, cows, and ducks for a while before we started. The bar has now been set pretty high for future animals required.

Family snuggles close together at sunset as mom looks at camera
Black and white film image of children's feet
brothers wrestle together in the grass
Husband and wife embrace as wife looks at the camera
young children play at the creek
mother embraces son as she kneels down and he looks into the distance
Crossing Creek farm in shelbyville, tennessee