When I first began my photography career, newborn sessions felt like so much work and to be honest, I dreaded them. I always felt like I needed to re-produce a studio like session - using multiple colors, swaddles, hats/bows, props, and difficult poses. I even used to take a huge bean bag for posing. And while my clients always loved their images, I never consistently felt satisfied - only drained and unfulfilled as an artist after the session.

Once I shifted my perspective to focus on capturing authentic moments and tender family connections - rather than forced posing - I completely fell in love with newborn sessions. Using a minimalistic and life-style approach, I step into your world, into your home, with your people to create artwork with the beauty that's already there.

This session still takes my breath away every time I look through the images. The love is palpable and these sacred moments of new life and new love preserved forever. Put into an heirloom album, I imagine 75 years into the future this sweet baby boy all grown up, with grandchildren on his lap, flipping through the pages telling love filled stories of his parents and childhood.

Newborn baby lays swaddled in white crib with eyes wide open
Newborn baby lays in crib looking at camera as parents gaze at each other in the background
New parents stand in their all white nursery looking down at their baby in the crib
Newborn baby is held in mother's arms near a bright window in their Franklin TN home
New mother rocks her baby in the all white nursery with large bunny rabbit prints on the wall
Mother sits in rocking chair and holds newborn baby on her chest as she gazes down at him.
Mother kisses newborn baby as the rock in front of a bright window in the nursery.
Father holds newborn baby in his hand as baby gazes up at him.
Newborn baby nuzzles into his fathers chest in a gray rocking chair in the nursery.
Man and woman hold their newborn baby sitting in front of a white crib. Large plant in the corner.
Young mother cuddles with her newborn baby on her bed and stares down at him.
New parents embrace their newborn son on the master bed with a window behind them.
Close up detail image of a brown haired baby's swirl near his forehead.
Young mother holds her newborn baby tight to her chest and gazes out of the window from the all white nursery.
Husband kisses his wife from behind as she holds their newborn baby near the nursery window.
Newborn baby lays in antique carriage near his nursery window.
Newborn baby lays in antique carriage near a window as his parents reach their hands down to hold him.
Husband and wife smile at each other as they hold newborn baby near the all white nursery window.