I've been asked before if I have a favorite type of session. I honestly can't narrow it down to a single type of session (and I don't take on projects that I don't love, so there's also not a least favorite to be honest). However, I can without a doubt tell you that First Year Collections are my favorite package to book for clients. I love everything about it! The joy of new life that the newborn session celebrates, the amazing growth and new skills that we capture at each milestone session, and my most favorite: the connections and lasting friendships I gain from spending a whole year involved in my client's lives.

Well, enough about me. Let me tell you more about sweet, darling Rose. We just finished her 8 month milestone session and she is already showing her boss babe potential. She totally directed this session and I absolutely welcomed it. She wanted most of her photos to be done while in her momma's arms, so that's what we did. What I love about letting baby "lead" a session in this way is that it gives such an accurate picture of who they are, right now. And that, my friends, is exactly the point!

Blue floral maxi-dress is available to borrow from KLP's client wardrobe.

8 month old baby girl sits in her mother's lap in a rocking chair beside a window
Baby girl sits in her rocking chair beside a window.
Baby girl smiles up at camera with her big, blue eyes from her rocking chair.
Baby girl smiles up from her crib in her nursery
8 month old baby girl sits in her crib with a wooden baby rattle
Mother lifts her baby girl out of a restoration hardware crib
mother and baby bond in the nursery in their franklin, tn home
mother kisses baby girl on the cheek in the nursery near a bright window
mother holds baby in the air near a bright window in the nursery
baby girl is held in her mother's arms with her feet in the air
mother bottle feeds her infant in the nursery rocking chair near a bright window
mother bottle feeds her baby girl in the rocking chair
a mother and her daughter snuggle with baby as they bottle feed her
baby girl is snuggled by her mother and sister in the nursery rocking chair
mother holds baby daughter in the entryway of their home with a eucalyptus plant behind them
Baby girl holds mouth wide open as she plays with a wooden rattle
Baby girl shakes a wooden rattle as she is held by her mother
8 month old baby smiles as she stands up in her crib with a briar baby bonnet on her head
mother and daughter entertain baby in the nursery
side profile image of baby girl in her restoration hardware crib in a briar baby bonnet