I adore everything about this newborn session. The soft touches of blue, the sweetness between the whole family (even the dog!), and of course precious baby Addison and her stunning red hair. Just an absolute treat to photograph such beauty.

Newborn baby sleeps in her crib, photo is taken through crib rails
Red haired newborn baby asleep on her white and blue sheets
Black and white image of new parens gazing down into the crib at newborn baby
Newborn baby stretches in her crib.
Husband kisses his wife on the head as she gazes at their newborn baby laying in the crib. Mom is wear a blue maxi dress
New mother rocks her newborn baby by the nursery window
Father kisses newborn baby as he rocks her by the nursery window
Newborn baby
New parents gaze down at newborn as they stand in the blue nursery
Chocolate lab poses with newborn asleep on his stomach
Family holds newborn baby and chocolate lab on their master bed
Newborn hand grasps mother's fingers as they lay on the bed together
Black and white image of new parents holding newborn, father kisses mother on head
Newborn baby girl with red hair looks at camera with foot in the air
Newborn baby feet are in focus as mother sways in nursery
Black and white image of a newborn baby in a wicker basket yawns
Mother holds newborn daughter in an heirloom gown that is 30 years old