My First Experience Shooting on Film | Franklin, TN Photographer

At risk of dating myself, I remember the time before everything went digital. Specifically, the photos we took. We had to load the film, hope we didn't cut off anyone's head (my great-grandmother was notorious for this), and take it to the local Eckard's to have it developed. As a teen, they started offering a CD as an upgrade to your printed photos so you could have the digital copies as well. And now, well most people end up having only their digitals and rarely printing them all.

As with many things in life, I often find myself seeking simpler things and longing for experiences that I know I'll reflect back on with feelings of nostalgia. Film feels like that to me. Like the sound of a record as your first place the stylus onto the vinyl. Like the smell of the heater turning on for the first time since last winter. Like the taste of homemade pancakes on a Sunday morning.

So, my journey with film simply is just part of my journey to preserve those things I value most. I'm learning a little with every roll I shoot. The most incredible gift it has given me is it's reminder to slow down and truly observe what's in front of me. Because full transparency, film is expensive! I don't want to waste even a single shot on my roll of only 36 exposures. So, here's a few of my favorite shots on my very first roll of film (well since the 90's that is).

I used a Nikon N80 with a 50mm at f1.8 on Kodak Porta 400. This was the very last set I shot during a family session. I simply pulled mom and baby aside to experiment and to say I'm thrilled with what we created is an understatement.

Ultimately, my goal is to integrate film regularly into my sessions - particularly my in-home newborn sessions here in Franklin, TN. So, if you book a session with me, don't be surprised if I pull out a second camera and ask you to let me play with some film!

Mother holds her baby in a field at sunset
Mother smiles down at her baby as they stand in a field at sunset
Mother smiles down at her baby as they stand in a field at sunset
A baby's head rests cradled in her mothers arms as her mother stares off at the sunset