Nashville Baby Photographer

When planning this session, this momma wanted to use Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin, TN for their session. They frequent this spot as a family for picnics and play and she hoped the familiarity of it would help her older children enjoy the session. Of course, I absolutely loved the idea! When I arrived ahead of them, I spotted an area I've walked past a zillion times. This time, however, it caught my eye with all the beautiful pink crepe myrtles in bloom. The sun poured through them beautifully and it added to the magical, whimsical feel of this photo session. I was honored to have this session recently featured on The Kindred Path's journal.

Mother kisses her baby's head as her two older children smile at them
Family of 5 smile at the baby being held by the mother as the boy smiles toward the camera
Family sits on the ground smiling at each other.
Baby girl smiles as her siblings and mother play with her sitting on the ground
Double exposure image with pink hydrangeas over a family sitting on the ground
Mother hugs her 2 daughters in front of pink hydrangeas and a white picket fence.
Young boy wipes his face with his mother's dress as she holds her baby
Father holds his son upside down as his daughter laughs at them both
Young mother sits on a blanket and nurses her baby in front of a white picket fence
Black and white image of a mother holding her baby and big sister plays with the baby's feet.
Mother smiles at her children as she lays on a blanket and her baby lays on top of her
Mother lays on a blanket and embraces her baby girl tight, with her eyes shut
Mother and father kiss as the hold their baby girl and their other 2 children smile up at them
Baby girl holds her feet to her mouth as her mother holds and smiles down at her
Mother holds her baby girl and plays with her toes
Husband kisses his wife's head as she smiles and the golden light from sunset is behind them

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