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What a joy it’s been to photograph this family over the last few years. Almost 3 years ago, I first photographed their family for their (now) middle son’s newborn session. I had the privilege to document his first year + some other family sessions weaved in as well over the last few years. So, of course when I found out they were expecting their first girl, I was so excited for them! And even more excited when they wanted me to document their sweet girl’s arrival into this world.

Birth sessions, for obvious timing reasons, aren’t always easy to plan. Especially when it comes to baby #3, sometimes they come fast and furious when its go time! So, when this momma made it to her scheduled induction date, I was thrilled that I could for certain make it to photograph her labor and delivery.

While the timing went as planned, the course of labor took a surprise turn. Shortly after her water broke, the nurse discovered that little Emery’s umbilical cord was trying to precede her head…also known as umbilical cord prolapse…also known as an obstetrical emergency. Kristie, the photographer, was calm, collected, and documenting the birth story as it continued. But Kristie, the labor and delivery nurse, was praying hard from the sidelines for baby’s safety. Thankfully, the wonderful delivery team was well prepared and swiftly moved this mom to the operating room for an emergency cesarean delivery. While emergency c-section trumps photographing baby’s first breath, I was still able to capture lots of precious memories during her first few hours.

Interested in having me photograph your delivery? I only take on a few deliveries per year, so lets chat to see if we’re a good fit! Email me HERE!


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As the busyness of Fall is slowly coming to an end, I finally have a moment to catch my breath and catch up (well sort of) on the blog. This session is definitely in my top favorites list! This dainty, darling little gal is just beyond adorable! Her floral romper with that porcelain skin and red hair…just perfection <3


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What a joy it was to photograph this sweet family! Big brother is already doing a superb job in his new role and baby sister is just perfect. Brother wasn’t too interested in “posing”, but he gave us lots of lifestyle/candid action to work with :) Loved this session!


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As I’m gearing up for Fall, I’m moving lots of past session images onto an external drive to free up space for upcoming sessions. Not only is it great to free up space on my computer, but I love looking back at past sessions. This one is a newborn session from the beginning of summer and I can’t believe I didn’t post it yet on the blog! Mostly, I stick indoors for newborn sessions, but the warmer summer months allow me to take some outdoors and I absolutely love it! I incorporated a few more props than I normally do for this session, but how could I not?! This darling girl was the perfect little model. Also, a shout out to Ilona over at The Crafty European. She creates the most beautiful headpieces for babies and children. Check out her Etsy store! She handmade all the headbands I used in this session :)



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Family + Cake. Two of my favorite things :) I absolutely loved getting to photograph this beautiful family. I work with this gorgeous momma at the hospital and was thrilled to put them on my schedule for their sweet boy’s 12 month session. I met them in a field near their home that backs right up to the Harpeth River in Franklin. It was beautiful, seriously picture perfect….but y’all….holy mosquitoes. I think I counted 16 bites on my arms, shoulders, and backs by the time we finished. And that was WITH bug spray on. Oh well, totally worth it for a beautiful gallery full of sweet memories. Enjoy!


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